March 14, 2012

Final Fantasy III for Android

Final Fantasy III was considered one of the best iterations in the series and it recent port to the Nintendo 3DS back in 2006 took a while. It then was ported to iOS in 2011 and now, Square Enix has released Final Fantasy III on the Android platform. However, it is only available in Japan.

For now, the Final Fantasy III port on Android is limited to Japan. It is pretty disappointed for gamers worldwide that just want some Square Enix action on their Android devices. I for one am truly disappointed. It is well known that most Square Enix games have been officially translated into English and sold worldwide, so why not the same for Android games? Is it too much to ask from a multimillion dollar company?

Right at this moment, there is no workaround to get it working on your Android device. If all else fails, emulators are your last resort. You can grab a NES emulator in the Play Store and find the ROM online. I hope Square Enix will venture out from its comfort zone and provide these high quality games to fans worldwide.