March 2, 2012

Bye, Keyboard

So after like the 1000th time that my keyboard jammed, I finally gave up and decided to pull the plug. Literally. Now my Razer Lycosa Keyboard is back in its box and in the cupboard storage. I did have a spare keyboard though, my trusty Logitech K200 Wired Keyboard. i know its just a cheap keyboard with no cool neon lights but at least it does the job. I initially bought that Razer keyboard for the purpose of gaming, however I don't game much anymore. I guess it is time to say goodbye to my gaming keyboard once and for all. I probably won't buy another Razer keyboard again. Trust in Logitech to get things right and deliver its product to the highest quality. Its a shame really. I paid so much for that gaming keyboard just to find out it jams. So now, I'm getting used to this new keyboard I am typing on at this very instant. Many typos so far as expected. It will take a while to get used to it again.