March 15, 2012

AIM Dead

AOL Kills Off AIM
Anyone remember using AIM back in the old days? No? Anyhow, AIM was the original social network back in the 90s. It was the 'text messaging' before it blew up and it was the norm. Now, AIM has been at a rapid decline since the beginning of the 21 century. MSN had taken over and now social networking sites such as Facebook have become the new 'instant messaging' service.

Hence, this leads to the recent announcement made by AOL. They decided to kill off future support for AIM, sending away 40 employees from its West Coast office but leaving support staff behind. It was inevitable. Social networking as a online web-based service has now become the norm and traditional desktop applications are slowly diminishing in numbers. One day, everything will be stored in the cloud and we will have access to everything from anywhere using any device. That is the future that we all have been dreaming about. Until then, its Facebook G+ for now.

[via Gizmodo]