March 9, 2012

5 Days of Play: Quell Reflect

Today's 25c deal of the day is Quell Reflect. It is a charming platform puzzle game that sure will test your brain and capture your heart. The game has over 80 levels of ingenious gameplay, gorgeous art style and a nice soundtrack.

The objective of the game is quite simple: you complete the level by sliding a 'droplet' around a layer of obstacles whilst avoiding traps until you have collected all the pearls. This game is simple yet so complex.

Quell Reflect


  • Over 80 levels of cunningly crafted puzzles
  • Gorgeous hand-painted art style
  • Custom soundtracks
  • Perfectly balanced difficulty curve
For those who love puzzle games and just want something to pass the time, this game will keep you going for a while. Get it now whilst its on special. Today only.