February 28, 2012

Vocaloid vs K-Pop

Oh hey guys! I made a shocking discovery.

Whilst listening through my recently downloaded Vocaloid albums, I came across this one called "Revolution Boi VS Agent Smith". It turned out to be a mixture of remixes of K-Pop and Vocaloid. I was surprised yet impressed that such thing existed.

I wasn't paying attention to what I was listening to because you know, 103GB worth of music obviously needs to be on repeat. Suddenly, I heard the tune 'Hoot' (SNSD) play in a remixed version. I was like 'What the - '? Then I looked at the album then Googled the name, then I was like 'Oh!'. And so, this ends my shocking discovery of a mashed compilation of remixed songs of Vocaloid and K-Pop. I must say, its a pretty good album. If you are into Vocaloid and K-Pop then this album you must definitely get.

01.Zabun Izumi Yutaka (Intro)
02.Papermoon (Dj Amaya Vs Groovebot remix)
03.Just be friends (GHPZ – I will be here Tiesto Smash Up)
04.7 Days
05.Love is War (Future Retro Remix)
06.Contrary Love (Revolution Boi Remix)
08.Hypnotik Dance Floor (Dj Amaya VS Groovebot remix)
10.Love Fools (Zero NEXX REMIX by Moonbug)
11.Computer Music (Revolution Extended Mix)
12.Scandal (Dj Amaya vs Groovebot remix)
13.Chiptune Superstar
14.Long Kiss Goodbye (Dj Amaya VS Groovebot remix)
15.NEE (Dj Amaya VS Groovebot Remix)
16.Drive to the Moon
17.Strobo Nights (Revolution Boi Starlight Remix)
18.Just be friends (NTMGmix by Baker)
19.Let me be with you (Future 8 Bit Remix)

01.Haru Haru (Daishi Dance Remix)
02.HEAVEN (Daishi Dance Remix)
03.Can’t Nobody (REX ROWDEE Mashup)
04.Let’s Contact (Agent Smith Party Mashup)
05.Jumping (Areia Dub Remix)
06.Hoot (Areia Remix)
07.Prayers (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
08.Clap Your Hands (DJ Amaya vs Groovebot’s Remix)
09.Dancing Dolly Girls II (Freaky Remix)
10.Push Push (G Sweet Remix)
11.Please Don’t Go (M&M Gold Club Remix)
12.dB Rider (Robotaki Mashup)
13.Hold The Line (Saintbinary Sweet Purple Remix)
14.Rock U (Robotaki Remix)