February 10, 2012

Toki Tori Now in The Humble Bundle

For those who don't know or forgot, The Humble Bundle is basically a collection of indie games that you set the price to pay for. It has been widely popular due to its easiness to use, frequent updates to games and the 'set the price you want' payment system. Today, Toki Tori has been added to the Humble Bundle. Toki Tori is basically a puzzle platformer involving you controlling a chicken and trying to save the eggs. Sounds simple? Afraid not. This game will get you turning and jumping in every way possible.

Each and every customer that has already purchased the Humble Bundle pack will have Toki Tori already listed in their downloads page. Also, a Steam key will be given to those wanting to download the game from Steam. The Humble Bundle now features five excellent games for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. The pack now includes Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Osmos, EDGE, and Toki Tori.

The Humble Bundle for Android will be over in less than a week, so get yours today!