February 1, 2012

Redirection of Blogger

Hey guys.

I just found out something that happened to my blog today. It seems my blog's website now redirects from "http://mybubbleteatime.blogspot.com" to "http://mybubbleteatime.blogspot.com.au". I was pretty confused so I decided to do some Googling and here is an article that answers all my questions.


In my opinion, its nice for Google to start to take notice of country-specific related blogs. My personal blog is based here in Australia so I am happy for my domain to redirect to the .au country domain. However, I am also a bit annoyed that now users will now have to type an extra '.au' at the end of my already long website address. In the end, I am thinking of maybe buying a domain name for my blog to make it easier to remember and make it stand out more. Perhaps 'www.mybubbleteatime.com' would be a nice domain to go along with my blog. I will post another update in a week or so if I do buy a domain name. Meanwhile, I will continue to post stuff about my life, Android, Vocaloid and Anime Reviews for all you guys to enjoy.