February 25, 2012

Project DIVA 2 Okaidoku Ban

Project Diva 2nd cover.jpgOk, so I've recently picked up my PSP again. The reason is that I've got nothing else to do and I felt like practising my Project DIVA skills again. I glad I resumed, because I recently got my first ever pass on 'Exteme' mode! Oh yeah! =D The song choice was of course 'Melt' by supercell. It is one of my favourite songs to play.

Anyhow, I've been practising hard every day, trying to get all my Normal and Hard modes completed for every song before I tackle the Exteme modes. It;s fun and lively. If you are a Vocaloid fan and just love the songs, this game is for you. You will need a PSP though. Although, there will be a Nintendo 3DS version of Project DIVA coing out soon. I don;t have one so I probably won't get it.

Anyway, osu! is also an excellent rhythm game for the Windows platform. You can play any song on it only if you have the beat map found on the website. I personally feel that playing rhythm games using a gamepad controller definitely is better than using a keyboard. Anyhow, that's just my preference. That's it for today, now back to playing Project DIVA whilst downloading some Vocaloid songs! (More about the Vocaloid songs later on. =P)