February 27, 2012

My LUL #3

Hey, its that time again when I'm bored and waiting for the clock to turn. 

So I have been downloading this massive 103GB torrent file for a week now. Since there wasn't many seeds, it was extremely slow (about 100 - 200KB/s). Eventually got it downloaded and uncompressed. Here laid all 1220+ albums of Vocaloid music ever to be released to 27 January 2012. With 33 days approx. playing time, this will keep me going for a year probably. Although, I will probably skip most of the boring music, I will try and find some nice and catchy tunes to talk about on the blog.

Anyhow, enough about Vocaloid music, I've been having more fun using Linux Mint for some time now. I have barely touched my Windows 7 in a long time. I mainly use it for gaming and some quick Microsoft Access use. For everything else I just use Linux Mint. I think that Linux Mint is getting better with every release. One day it will take over Ubuntu to claim 3rd spot.

Moving on, just on to something less technical. The weather has been up and down lately. Suddenly getting hot during the day and freezing(not really) cold at night. Hey, I'm used to it. Haven't even caught a cold yet! Ahaha. So I've been busy watching Sherlock yesterday night and this morning. Just finished the first season. I've got to say, it is one really good TV show. Brought to you by Steven Moffat, which we all know is well-known from his contributions to Doctor Who. Speaking of that, I can't wait for this year's series!

Lastly, I am spending this last day of my holiday to just chill and relax. Also, having nice discussions about sick Linux themes with Rhycen. I recently got him to install Linux onto his desktop. I am still unsure if he likes it or not. I don't think he's going to use it much since he's an avid Windows gamer. Oh well. =/

Oops, I started talking technical again. This is technically a technical blog I guess. Not really. It's just about my random ramblings of randomness that I want to shout out to the world. So this ends my update for today. Uni starts tomorrow. I am happy about that! Finally something to keep me occupied for a little while longer. Oh how I'm going to miss my anime and games. XD