February 5, 2012

My LUL #1

Hello everyone!

This is my first post about my 'LUL' (Life Update Log). I plan to write what's happening in my life and share with it to you guys. Anyhow time to get started.

So, right now, I've been quite busy updating my blog. As you can see I do many posts a day. I hope by doing this, more people can come visit! So anyhow, blog aside, I have also been creating some Google Chrome themes for anyone to use. You can find them in the 'Chrome Themes' section. I haven't got much requests so far so I am slightly disappointed. It would be great if you guys could give out some suggestions on what I should make next! Anyhow, back to real life. I've start doing some work experience outside of uni. Right now, me and a couple of friends are helping a client fix up his business' website! It seems a lot of work to do, but I hope I can finish it within the deadline. Although I just got the details yesterday, the team is still awaiting a reply from the client regarding the teams' proposed solution. I hope it works out! =D

That aside, in my own time I've been pretty busy watching anime and playing some games. I haven;t touched my PSP in a long time though, I think I kinda got bored of it already. Haha ^^". Anyhow, I think I still have to fix up my own blog. The wallpaper seems to be a bit plain, so I will work on that as soon as possible. It feels so great to be still on holidays! So much free time, yet nothing to do except watch anime, update blog and play games. Oh well, once uni starts its gonna get really busy. I better use my time now to do as much as I can!

MegaBubbletea signing off.