February 26, 2012

Linux Mint Reinstalled

Hello guys!

This morning I had my first glass of Bubble Tea in a very long time. I actually cooked the pearls and made the milk tea all by myself. I feel pretty happy about that. Anyhow, moving on to tonight's topic. The reason why I was so late in posting was that I was reinstalling Linux Mint onto my desktop and HTPC. 

You see, my desktop has two hard drives in it. A 1TB and 320GB hard drive. My main 1TB has Windows 7 installed on it and my 320GB hard drive had Linux Mint 12. My HTPC originally had Windows 7 but that was taking up very little space on the 1TB hard drive. So in the end, I wiped both 320GB and 1TB(HTPC) hard drive and did a switch. So now, my desktop has two 1TB hard drives in it with Windows 7 and Linux Mint 12 installed and dual-booted. On the other hand, my HTPC now has a 320GB hard drive and Linux Mint 12 freshly installed. Wow, that was a rather large explanation. So now, I have got my desktop, HTPC and laptop all with Linux Mint 12. I guess I have turned into a Linux fanboy! Ahaha...so that's it for now. I'll be busy installing updates and redownloading software.

Oh yeah, I forgot. I just finished downloading a huge 103GB torrent this morning. Spent an entire week downloading it due to the lack of seeds. Anyhow, I will tell you more about that tomorrow. Stay tuned!

MegaBubbletea out.