February 11, 2012

Anime Review: Eureka Seven

A nice sci-fi action anime with amazing visual artworks and an engaging storyline makes this an anime worth watching.

Eureka SevenSynopsis:
Renton Thurston is a 14-year-old boy who lived with his mechanic grandfather in a backwater town. Every day he dreamed of being with the mercenary "Light Finding Operation (LFO)" aircraft pilot group "Gekkostate" and riding "Trapar" particle waves-- a sport called "reffing"-- with their charismatic leader Holland, especially when faced with his father's acclaimed past or his grandfather's desire to protect him. When a young girl named Eureka riding the original LFO, the "Nirvash typeZERO", asks his grandfather for a tune-up, she inadvertently brings the attention of the military to the garage; as a result, the garage is destroyed and Renton is forced to deliver a new type of interface-- the "Amita Drive"-- to the Nirvash. After a heated fight in which the Nirvash destroys the military LFOs by unleashing an immense amount of power, Renton is invited into Gekkostate. However, he quickly realizes that behind the facade of a traveling group of mercenaries is a very bitter reality. 

Eureka Seven can be considered as one of the lesser known shounen anime that is highly rated. It's epic storyline, engaging characters, awesome battle scenes and catchy music makes this anime worth watching. Unexpected events are always evident throughout the series and the scenery never gets boring. The story overall is interesting and can occupy you for more hours.

The art was really well made for a 2006 anime. Different visual styles can be seen throughout the many different situations and environment throughout the anime. Even the flashback scenes had watered down colour and grainy images. The artwork has been thoroughly thought out and successfully transposed onto film.

Voice acting was accurate throughout the whole series. Music was well recorded and there are many soundtracks throughout the series that you will encounter. The sound effects in turn was appropriately timed and placed for the different explosions and gunfire.

The characters were all memorable in some way or another. Different attitudes and style is evident for every individual character seen in the anime. You will not once get bored of the main cast and you will always find new information about them as you watch the anime. There are plenty of funny moments as well as some frustrating facepalming moments.

Overall, this is one good sci-fi anime to watch. The storyline is the best I've seen for a long time. The emotions and feel that the anime brings across to the audience is great indeed. The effectiveness of the music and sound effects as well as the memorable characters makes this an anime you definitely must watch.

An engaging storyline with many plot twists and unexpected events.

ART: 8
Really well drawn for a 2006 anime. The visuals were appealing and the characters really stood out.

Catchy soundtracks and memorable voice characters make this a unforgettable experience.

Many different characters throughout the anime. Memorable some way or another.

Just the perfect number of episodes to fully tell the story.

Perfect sci-fi anime in everyway. Not much to complain here but some facepalming is inevitable. Worth the watch for sci-fi and shounen anime fans.