February 7, 2012

10 Apps to Install on a New Android Phone

Hey guys!

So my friend recently bought a HTC Sensation XE. It's his first time using a smartphone and Android, so I've decided to compile a short list of the 10 must have apps to download for a new Android phone. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below.

1) Google Apps
Definitely the first place to start is to update all existing Google apps to the latest versions. This ensures you have the latest version for bug fixes and new features. Some recommended Google apps which you should install are: Google+, Google Translate and Google Goggles.

2) Facebook/Twitter
Most obvious action would be to install social networking applications to your phone. Most phones already come with stock Facebook or Twitter apps, but it is recommend you update to the latest versions.

3) Apps 2 SD
A very important app to keep track of your installed apps. You are able to move apps to and from SD card with ease using Apps 2 SD.

4) Pulse
Pulse is a handy news app that lets you gather information from many sources at once. Keep up with the latest news with a simple touch of a button.

5) Usage app (myUsage)
For those who do not have an unlimited mobile data plan, a usage app would be the most appropriate. This will ensure you do not go over quota and lets you check your remaining credit balance. Most service providers have a usage meter app readily available in the Market.

6) PlayerPro
PlayerPro is a fully featured music and video player. It definitely outranks Android's stock player and also contains additional useful features that you would use.

7) Mobile Bank/PayPal
These applications are useful to check your bank and PayPal balance whilst on the go. They are secure and trustworthy. Make sure you check the publisher details of the app in  the Market so that you are downloading the official app.

8) Zedge
Zedge is a wallpaper and ringtone app that provides you with community-made wallpapers and ringtones. You can easily change your homescreen wallpaper using this app.

9) Wikipedia
The official Wikipedia app came out a few weeks ago. I found it really handy to have on my phone to do quick reference searches whilst out and about.

10) Steam
For those who game a lot, Steam has finally hit the Android Market. The app enables you to easily communicate with your Steam friends as well as enabling you to check out the latest games catalog right from your phone.

So anyhow, this wraps up my quick 10 post for today. I hope you guys found it interesting!