January 30, 2012

Vocaloid Music: Hatsune Miku - Tell Your World

This may be old news, but I would like to share a very nice song for everyone to listen. It is by livetune featuring Hatsune Miku in 'Tell Your World'. If you guys have seen the Google Chrome ad featuring Miku you will instantly recognize this song. If not, I have posted the Chrome ad below.

Anyhow, the 'Tell Your World' single album consists of only one song by livetune. It was released on iTunes on 25 January. I can't wait for the 'Tell Your World EP' album with will feature more songs by livetune. That said, I have been listening to this song at least once everyday. Yes, it is that catchy.

If you haven't heard Vocaloid before or you haven't had a chance to experience some Vocaloid, here's your chance for a quick 1 minute video of Google Chrome and one one livetune's latest song. Enjoy! ^^