January 28, 2012

I Support Ubuntu

Ubuntu logo
Firstly, for those who do not know what Ubuntu is I will briefly explain it to you in the shortest way possible.

Ubuntu is a type of operating system like Windows and Mac OS. It is based on the Linux architecture. It is probably the most popular Linux distribution currently and Linux Mint is not far behind. So what makes Ubuntu so great?

Ubuntu 11.10 Final.png1. Cost
Ubuntu is completely free and it will remain free. It is also open source so anyone can download and modify the source code.

2. Security
Ubuntu is safe and is free from viruses. There is no need for antivirus software on Ubuntu at all.

3. Speed and Compatibility
Ubuntu is built to be compatible with almost any desktop or laptop device. It can run on low amounts of RAM which in turn enhances the usability experience of the operating system. There is very little slow down when multitasking between resource intensive applications.

4. Software
You can do almost anything on Ubuntu that you can on Windows. Applications such as Google Chrome, Skype and DropBox can be easily downloaded onto Ubuntu. For other applcations that are only Windows exclusive, Linux provides great alternatives such as GIMP, Transmission and LibreOffice just to name a few.

5. Updates
Updates can be easily downloaded and installed from one location without manually going through each software.

6. Customization
Like the Android platform, Ubuntu can be easily configured to suit your every need. From custom themes to advanced system tweaking, Ubuntu can satisfy anyone's needs.

Ubuntu is a great operating system for Linux beginners to start with. The only major downside to using a Linux operating system is the lack of games and game compatibility. I do not recommend that you replace Windows with Ubuntu if you still want to play games, although you can still either dual-boot or run Ubuntu in a virtual machine. For more information visit http://www.ubuntu.com.