January 28, 2012

Anime Review: Angel Beats!

This is my first anime review, so I'll try my best in unbiased critical writing. So here I go! Basically, Angel Beats! is a action-packed slice of life anime with a interesting background and plotline.

Angel Beats!Synopsis:
Otonashi awakens only to learn he is dead. A rifle-toting girl named Yuri explains that they are in the afterlife, and Otonashi realizes the only thing he can remember about himself is his name. Yuri tells him that she leads the Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront) and wages war against a girl named Tenshi. Unable to believe Yuri's claims that Tenshi is evil, Otonashi attempts to speak with her, but the encounter doesn't go as he intended.

Otonashi decides to join the SSS and battle Tenshi, but he finds himself oddly drawn to her. While trying to regain his memories and understand Tenshi, he gradually unravels the mysteries of the afterlife.


At first glance it may seem to be just another mild action-based slice of life anime, but after watching the first episode, I concluded that this one one well made anime. Right from the start the beautiful artwork and  story development captivated me to watch more. The scenes well well thought out and the mysterious circumstances the characters were established was a really good starting point for the anime.

As expected in most anime, the background story of the characters are gradually reviewed piece by piece and the whole setting gradually unfolds its truth after a few episodes. I think this is a good way to make the audience keep on watching and discovering new truths about the characters and intentions. A good action anime needs a good back plot. That said, Angel Beats! definitely has this kind of style.

The story has features some distinct comedic lines in it but rarely frequent. This anime was meant to be serious and it still is. However, some humorous events were placed throughout the anime which was appropriate in some cases. I really welcomed the idea of a light-action anime series with well thought out comedic scenes. On top of that, some transition between such scenes could have been better.

In addition, the placement of music was really well done. The choice of music genre and having a girl band that rocks out hard really gave this anime a good boost of the ratings. I enjoyed every piece of the soundtrack and the background music in some scenes were so well done, I could feel the emotion surging through my body.

Overall, I liked this anime a lot. I really hoped that the length of the anime was longer (13 episodes total). Here's a breakdown.

The story was well told from beginning to end. Although some episodes tell you about a sole character whilst others tell about the world in general, this anime really did successfully tell a grand story overall.

ART: 9
The scenes and background was just stunning. The lighting effects was really bright and the shadows cast from objects were realistic. The change of color tone from outdoors to underground caverns really showed out.

The music and background music were superb. I loved the band and their songs! Also, the character voices were not annoying (unless of course it was intentional).

The characters were well thought out, The different variety of characters of different persona really made this anime interesting. Although some characters' background didn't get explained properly I still loved them all.

I totally loved the anime! It was really entertaining. I loved the band and their songs so much, I've rewatched the episodes just with them in it.


If you love high school, slice of life, comedy, action, girls and guns then this is the perfect anime for you. I have not found another anime that contains so much different genres mashed into one. Definitely a must watch!