April 2, 2020

Surprise! It's me, Tofu-chan!

Mr. Mew
Surprise! It's me, Tofu-chan. No, just joking. MegaBubbletea here. It's been a long time since the blog was stopped. Since 4 and a bit years ago when I stopped the blog so many things have happened. I've grown up (expectedly), still alive, had many experiences, had joys and sadness, excitement and depression. Looking back, I've learnt so much...but there's so much more to learn. It's never ending.

The whole reason I starting this blog was to document my journey(?) through those young years where you were a young kid stumbling through early adult-hood. Yes, I didn't know what I was doing back then and in a way, anime kept me out of trouble and through those crazy years. Although I don't watch anime anymore (I've moved onto the Kdrama craze) it still has a place in my heart. 

I'm still around...but not here. I'll keep this blog up as long as I can. It's a relic from the past. All the memories here will remain in history. Thanks to everyone who supported my little endeavour! It was lots of fun! See you around guys. Stay safe and stay home. 2020 is a crazy year.

- MegaBubbletea

December 13, 2015

[Life] Yes, this blog is dead.

Well hello there! If you're reading this, you must be one of our rare visitors to the site! Ever since this blog started, there's been fun times and sad times. It was pretty much my life when I was still at university and even now, I've been trying to keep it going regularly as possible. But you know, nothing lasts forever and you have to move on with life.

I had plenty of free time back in the day to play around with the blog and post regular content. I even had a few helpers too! Without motivation though, nothing gets posted; and that's what this blog has become. I've been too busy with life and my full time job to focus on keeping this blog going continuously.

It's sad to say that it maybe time to close down the blog for good. It's been a great 3 years (nearly 4 now) and I'm grateful for our regular/occasional visitors who come on the site. I'll still keep it running though and maybe occasionally post a new update or Chrome theme but it'll still be pretty inactive. Thanks again for all your support!

- MegaBubbletea

November 17, 2015

[Life] Life and LoL

So I know I haven't been updating the blog much lately. It's that time of year when everything piles up and life gets extremely busy. There's little motivation to keep this blog going everyday, and mostly, I'm just copying interest articles found on the web. Anyhow, I recently started picking up LoL again. A few of my friends decided to create a ranked team group for this game named "Spray and Wipe" with the shortcode of [Ajax]. LOL. We'll see how this group goes, and maybe one day we'll make it to the world finals (ha!).

October 31, 2015

[Tech/Life] The Day I Turned to the Dark Side

I must admit, I was an anti-Apple guy a few years back and would absolutely not buy an Apple device even if my life dependant on it. But very recently, I've been drawn by the dark side and have been consumed by it. How did that happen to an avid Android fan? Well, here is my story in black and white.