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July 6, 2013

[Lyrics] 14 to 1 (TV size) - Brothers Conflict Ending song

Edit: Full song translation can be found here.
So these two hot babes are mine:
Ukyo - Lawer, megane, mama-bro (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)
Kaname - lady killer, monk-bro (CV: Suwabe Junichi)
One of my new favourite anime series. Expect more fan-products by me for these sexy bros.
Description: Kanji lyrics, Romaji lyrics and English translated lyrics of 14 to 1, the ending song of the Brothers Conflict anime.
Note: All transcribed by ear, so there may be mistakes. I will make an updated version once the official lyrics booklet has been released.

Kanji lyrics

侑介: どうすればいい教えてくれよ
: 泣かせるつもりなんてなかったんだ
ジュリ: うそつけ!
: まるで世界をてっきり回したよう
祈織: 僕は彼ほど
風斗: 意地悪じゃないよね
椿: 誘うってるの
雅臣: かわいい
: 拒否してるの
: 嘘でしょう
琉生: 甘すぎるキャンディー
: 噛み砕いた感触
右京: 焦るような
: 恋ぐるするような
奈 : ハートで!

マイシスター (My sister)
ごめん 抱きしめたいよ
ジュリ: 近い得るな!
キスキスキス (KissXKissXKiss)
I need your love.

Romaji lyrics

Yuusuke: Dousureba ii oshiete kureyo
Subaru: Nakaseru tsumori nante na kattan da
Juli: Usotsuke!
Kaname: Maru de sekai wo tekkiri mawashita you
Iori: Boku wa kare hodo
Fuuto: Iji warujanai yo ne
Tsubaki: Sasoutte ru no
Masaomi: Kawaii
Azusa: Kyohi shiteru no
Hikaru: Uso de shou
Louis: Amasugi ru kyandi
Natsume: Kamikudai ta kanshoku
Ukyo: Aseru you na
Wataru: Koi guru suru you na
Asahina Bros: Haato de!

My sister
Mechakucha ni aishiteru
Yasashii dake no kisu ga iinokai
Gomen dakishime tai yo
Juli: Chikaeruna!
Kanashi mesae setsuna sasae
Hiki uketta ra
Ima sugu ni
Subete wo azukete
Kiss kiss kiss
I need your love.

English translation

Tell me what I should do.
It was never my intention to make you cry.
Just as the world without a doubt keeps spinning,
I'm not like him, with malicious/bad intentions (towards you).
Let me invite you,
My sweet one.
But you rejected me;
That can't be true, right?
The feeling of sweet candy being crushed between your teeth,
I'm feeling a little impatient,
My heart's completely fallen in love with you.

My sister,
I've fallen madly in love with you,
If only you'd allow me to give you a gentle kiss.
I'm sorry, but I really want to hug you.
[Get away from me!]
If you can accept both pain and sorrow,
Then I'll entrust everything (/all of me) to you right now.
Kiss, kiss, kiss,
I need your love.

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